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Welcome to The Philosophem brotherhood's official website!

We are a crew on Grand theft Auto Online that aims to gather as many brothers and sisters together as possible on a common platform, to make the experience even more enjoyable.

As for now, PS3, PS4 and Xbox One is opened for recruitment.

Who can apply?
Anyone that agrees with Philosophem's Rules.
To get your application accepted on this site, you first need to be a member of Philosophem's Social Club.

Where do I apply?
In the top-right corner there's an "Apply" link.
Or you can click here.

Glori4n / Feb 04, 2016 / Category: Crew

As you may know, Sdhoirm that served as an admin for our Website has left us for good.

I will now take my time to keep maintaining our Website.

Patrick which has been a member for quite a while, and a very active one has been banned from The Brotherhood due to severe violations of our Rules (Modding).

I would like to emphasize that no one will be spared of the laws within our Brotherhood.

You can reach me through Whatsapp for any questions that you might have, and suggestions for our Website.

Thank you!

- Glori4n
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