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- About The Brotherhood

The Philosophem Brotherhood also known as MYTH (In-game Tag) is a friendly and sociable crew in Grand Theft Auto Online founded by Glori4n (Psycho_Mantins) in Nov 3, 2015 and an Official Thread was created in the GTA Forums on November 13th of the same year.

MYTH have members from all over the world including America, Africa, Europe and Asia. We try to gather most of our members in our WhatsApp chat to socialize at anytime.

GTA Online is over-runned with grievers, modders and hostile players which ruins the game experience for those who want to play the game as intended. This is where MYTH comes in. We help each other out grinding for cash and RP and having fun without killing each other on sight (unless it's part of an event)

In Philosophem, you'll not run into the trouble of getting shot on your back after a job is done, nor will you ever fight over who gets the biggest cut.

Our Motto is "Quality over Quantity", in which we take by law, however, anyone is free to join until they prove they do not belong here.

Democracy is our standard,

That is to say our Brotherhood march as One.